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Cultographies: Welcome


a new series of books on the weird and wonderful world of cult cinema

Cultographies provides a comprehensive introduction to those films which have attained the coveted status of cult classic, focusing on their particular appeal, the ways in which they have been conceived, constructed and received, and their place in the broader popular cultural landscape.

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Jim Barratt's Cultographies book is a timely and accurate reflection on the genesis of Peter Jackson's first film Bad Taste and its reception by fun-splatter fans around the world. ... Bad Taste has long become firmly embedded in the hearts and minds of cult-cinema aficionados and every true fan should have a copy of this book - no, strike that - EVERYBODY should have a copy.
--Tony Hiles, Consultant Producer of Bad Taste –
Check out the documentary Good Taste made Bad Taste

Favouring keen concision over bloated verbosity, these ‘Cultographies’ weave vigour into punchy brevity ...
Kevin Harley, Total Film
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... Full of intriguing detail, [The Rocky Horror Picture Show] certainly sheds plenty of new light on the film, and will be a must for Picture Show obsessives.
Howard Maxford, Film Review
Read full review's good to read a critic who can pick apart a film and still sense that you may enjoy it just because it's funny.
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...The editors are looking for books that are "lively, fun, critical, and accurate."
Nina C. Ayoub, The Chronicle of Higher Education
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Cultographies is published by Wallflower Press, a wholly owned imprint of Columbia University Press which publishes across the full spectrum of cinema and the moving image.

Each book in the series tackles one legendary cult film, and the entire run will cover the cult pantheon and its underbelly, the best and the worst.

Each book carries a personal introduction, a critical assessment, and an overview of the film’s reputation, and of course several illustrations.


What Are Cult Films?


Which films are we talking about?


Ideas or Proposals?

We want this series to be lively, fun, critical and accurate, and we are looking for the best writers to share their insights and wit with the worldwide cult cinema community.


We will be posting favourite movie lists from our board, news on new releases and special events, calls for submissions, or questions for new entries on this website, so watch out for more news here!


Cultographies Series Editors:

Ernest Mathijs and Jamie Sexton


Cultographies is published by world leading independent publisher on film and screen media, Wallflower Press. The series are endorsed by the Film programs of the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and the University of British Columbia.


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